Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal Branding

I was sitting in a workshop several weeks ago and the facilitator brought up the topic of “Your Personal Brand”. She talked about the subject from the perspective of branding yourself to be more marketable to employers. However, I processed and adapted the information to strategize a plan to build my personal brand in relation to my passion and other areas of expertise.

In doing this, I thought about the ideas and goals in relation to fueling my brand as both a Writer and Entrepreneur and focused the direction of that brand toward creativity and wordsmy strengths!  Now that you have insight into the building of my brand, please feel free to use the following equation I developed to help in building your own personal brand and strategy:

You+Your Passion+Your Skills=Your Brand

It takes you to build your brand.

It takes passion to build your brand. What do you love to do? It is often tied to your natural ability (in my case writing). There are no stupid or small passions!

It takes recognition of your passion coupled with your skills (the thing we learn to do well) to market you and take your brand to another level. Based upon my passion of writing, the following skills (associated with creativity and writing) would help to fuel my brand:
  1. Free use of my imagination
  2. Restructuring of goals to create new ones
  3. Combine ideas and information in innovative ways
  4. Seek out new information and people with expertise
I hope this has been informative and given you a little insight into branding.

With that said, what do you feel is your personal brand and how can you adapt your passion to fuel that brand? 

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