Thursday, July 7, 2011

Questions, Thoughts and Answers!

I am interested in your questions, thoughts and answers…
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The Power of Words

I have recently coined the phrase all you need is pen and paper to change the world. This phrase is reality to me because writers have the ability to manipulate the human mind and drive the audience in whatever direction they seek for them to go at that moment.  How many times have books, articles and other forms of literature been read and opinions and/or ideas are formed similar to that of the writer? It happens more then we think. It appears that a writer can write words regardless of their credibility and their words possess the power to alter personal convictions, emotional states and belief systems of their readers. Hmm…what about the idea that you cannot believe everything you read...well, tell that to the modern generation that believes Wikipedia is bible! 
Writers have the power to alter their reader’s state of mind. That is such an overwhelming thought and idea to swallow for regular people…lol! That means superhero-like power rest in the hands of a writer…fantastic! I guess writers are in a class of their own.  As a writer, I fully understand what is at stake every time I pick up my pen to write.  It is not my intention to brainwash my audience and shift their mind toward fallacy, slander and hypocrisy…but to uplift and share a piece of my passion.   Each post is carefully architected to convey power and passion for words and writing regardless of the subject matter and topic.  

If you have not concluded that I love writing and the power words carry at this point; then, I have not done my job as a writer…I think not! Anyway, I thought defining the words that inspired the blog title would be an excellent starting point for this blog. After researching and reading the definitions of both Brilliant and Touch, I had to blog about their meaning as it relates to the title of this blog and the direction we, as writers, should aim to go...enjoy a little piece of mind-altering info!
Brilliance: ( the state or quality of being brilliant; exceptional clarity and agility of intellect or invention; Splendor or magnificence

Touch: ( to deal with or allude to in speech or writing; to be a matter of importance to; affect; to attain equality with; compare with; to cause to ignite or explode; to make minor or improvements in appearance of; manner of execution in artistic work.
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